Tulare Union football star heading to UCLA

Tulare Union football star heading to UCLA

Tulare Union's Kazmeir Allen has been named the Medium Schools State Football Player of the Year by Cal-Hi Sports.

Allen broke the single-season national record with 72 touchdowns as a senior.

Allen also led California and was 3rd in the nation in rushing yards.

As FOX26 Sports Reporter Nick King explains, Allen's remarkable athletic talents go beyond football, and for his family, it’s remarkable that he's going to college on a full-ride scholarship to UCLA.

We know what Kazmeir Allen can do with a football in his hands.

But that's not the only team he'll be a part of at UCLA; Allen will also run track where, as a junior, he was the fastest 100-meter runner in the Valley, and sixth fastest in the state, despite it being his first year ever trying the sport and limited training.

Allen says if they'd let him, he could play baseball for the Bruins, too, which was his favorite sport growing up.

He seems to be natural in any sport. "I used to skateboard when I was younger, I was nice. I was nice at skateboarding, I would go to the skate park all the time," said Allen.

His mother, Shaneil Delgado, said, "Kazmeir was just very energetic as a kid. Always had something. A basketball, football, skateboard… he's not lying to you, he was a good skater."

Kazmeir was also a kid with very young parents. Dad had just finished high school at Tulare Union and mom was still a senior when he was born.

Shaneil said, "It was scary, everybody telling me that it was a bad choice. But I knew it wasn't, and now I really know that it wasn't. There's a reason why he's here."

His father, Brad Allen, said, "I was young, 19, I was scared, of course, so had to provide for him. So me and his mother definitely worked our butt off."

His father was a great football player himself in high school, but neither Brad nor his older brother, Patrick, a star basketball player, went on to play in college because Brad says their priorities weren't right.

Even Kaz's grandpa, who still holds school records at Delano, wasn't able to play in college because he had to stay home and take care of younger siblings after a family tragedy.

So for this 17-year-old to get a full scholarship at a 4-year university… "He broke the cycle, you know. Everybody else not making it in the family, so, I mean, that's huge. Right there, by him going to college, changed everything," said Brad.

Shaneil said, "He's going to grow so much more by getting out of the Valley and seeing a different way of life. And I think if he stays here, then that doesn't happen. And I think that's what I'm excited for, for him to go and to grow."

Good luck Kaz, we'll be watching.

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