The girls of the Clovis High Cougar football program

Sadie, Anabella, and Amaya get ready before the Clovis High game.

If you look down the sidelines of most high school football sidelines, you'll see a sea of helmets and pads. You'll see mostly men.

But more and more each year, women are starting to get involved in the sport.

If you look closely down the Clovis High School sideline, you'll see something a little different.

Among all the pads and helmets, are three junior girls, Amaya Devore, Anabella Simma, and Sadie Valenzuela.

These girls all play critical roles on the football team.

Anabella and Sadie spend the games up in the booth, shooting film for the players and coaches to review. After each play they are tagging the video, and sending it down to the field, so the team can watch plays, right after they happen.

As for Amaya, she spends the game right in the middle of that sea of helmets and pads.

She is the teams signal caller.

“Its kind of like sign language. So they’ll say a formation, so you'll do certain numbers. And then they’ll call mesh or something. So there is a hand signal for that," says Devore.

“In a lot of ways it is an intense spot to be in because you have one person hollering at you, and you are trying to signal that in as clearly and concisely as possible so that information can be conveyed," says Head Coach Rich Hammond.

Amaya acts as the messenger between the coaches, and quarterback Payton Mayer.

“Its fun. Its kind of difficult sometimes, you lose her in the crowd a little bit, but its good. Her character on the sidelines is absolutely great. I wouldn't pick anyone else to signal my plays,” says Mayer.

For all three girls, this is their first year taking on such roles in the sport, and they all say they'll be back next year.

They all say the love the roles, and the reactions they got from their peers when they told them what they'd be doing this football season.

"They were kind of surprised, because everyone thought we were going to flake out after three weeks. But we’re still here. It’s something we definitely committed to that a lot of people didn't think we would commit to.”

Coach Hammond says they are at every game, and practice.

This year, these three junior girls will receive varsity letters because of their roles on and off the field.

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