Selma's Figueroa siblings could become first sister-brother state champs

Selma siblings Gracie and Richard Figueroa could become the first sister-brother duo to both win state titles in California wrestling history.

Saturday night in Visalia, Selma seniors Alleida Martinez and Gracie Figueroa became the third and fourth girls to win four wrestling state titles. For Figueroa, it could be just the start of CIF wrestling history. If her younger brother Richard, a freshman, wins this weekend in Bakersfield, the Figueroa's would become the first sister-brother duo ever in California to both win state titles.

As Selma coach Sam Lopez explains, "One of the best awards and medals you could have is when you go to a event and everybody knows who you are. It's like, 'oh, that's Figueroa...that's Gracie, that's Richard. And they have a little fear for you and they they're kind of in awe of what you can do."

The Figueroa's have earned that kind of recognition. Gracie finished her high school career undefeated, number one in state and national rankings, a four-time state champion and a five-time national champion.

Richard plans to follow in her foosteps, already ranked number one in the state and number two nationally at 106 pounds.

Lppez says, "I told the parents, I go, 'can you have a couple more kids?' The genetics are great. Great genes in that family."

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