Scholar Athlete Finalist: Sunnyside's Monzima Mian

Sunnyside senior volleyball and lacrosse player Monzima Mian is one of three area finalists for a scholar athlete scholarship award.

During telecasts of our Friday Night Rivals high school football games this past season on CW59, we featured Lithia Subaru Scholar Athletes. This week, FOX26 Your Hometown Sports Connection reporter Nick King tells us about the three finalists vying for one scholarship. In this one, we meet Sunnyside senior Monzima Mian.

Monzima Mian is a positive force of nature.

Mian's teacher, Nanci Gardner, says "she always comes in with a smile on her face. I've got her first thing in the morning, and she comes in with a smile on her face, and she kind of lights up the room. Her peers love her for enthusiasm about everything around this campus."

Zima, as her friends know her, was class president since she was a freshman, and is now the Sunnyside USB President.

"I like getting involved," she says. "I like knowing what's going on with our school, I like planning events, and like be a big help."

For four years, Zima was a big help - and team captain - for the Wildcats' volleyball team.

Wildcats coach Cheryl Zenimura thinks of Mian this way, "Determination, team spirit...that was the biggest thing. She was determined to be successful. That's what drove her."

Zima also plays lacrosse, where she's Sunnyside's goalie.

While playing two sports, Zima also took 8 AP classes and has a 3.88 gpa. She's part of Sunnyside's Doctors Academy, a rigorous program for students interested in the medical field. As part of that, Zima's volunteered hundreds of hours at Fresno Community Hospital.

"It's not like we had to give her a piece of paper and say, 'you need to mark down your community hours,'" says Gardner. "It's just a part of what she does everyday. Giving up herself, giving up her time, helping others…"

To that point - every weekend, Zima volunteers as a dance instructor and literacy group tutor, where she teaches kids and adults to read and write in Cambodian, as well as understand the culture."

Zima says, "At Sunnyside, we have this saying, 'we're different, but together as one.' And so I think that's really important, to embrace your culture and who you are no matter what, and also to embrace other cultures."

Monzima Mian is a leader - dedicated to her school, her studies, her community - a positive force of nature.

"It takes a special person to do all the things she does," says Zenimura.

Zima sums it up this way: "Just a busy girl, liking to do a lot of things, taking on too much activities, but at the end of the day it'll all pay off."

Zima will go to Fresno State for college, and plans to then go to medical school, become a surgeon and come back to work at Fresno Community Hospital.

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