Talking to Arizona State head coach Herm Edwards in Las Vegas

    Nick talks to Coach Herm Edwards in Las Vegas

    The Fresno State football team had a closed practice for the second day in a row in Las Vegas.

    No coaches or players were made available to the media, so we decided to check-in with the Bulldogs' opponent, Arizona State.

    FOX26 Sports reporter Nick King talked to the Sun Devils' head coach, Herm Edwards.

    He's a guy a most people recognize because he was a football analyst on ESPN for about a decade.

    Before that, he played cornerback for the Eagles, Rams, and Falcons.

    Coach Edwards also has ties to the Central Valley.

    His wife grew up in Modesto and her sister actually went to Fresno State.

    His first coaching job was at San Jose State and he worked with former Fresno State QB Trent Dilfer at ESPN. "Tomorrow night, can't wait to see him and hug him, Trent Dilfer, when I was at San Jose State, we used to play the Bulldogs all the time'" said Coach Edwards. "So that was, quite a rivalry when Coach Sweeney was there. Always tell the stories. One night we were playing and Coach Sweeney comes down running down the tunnel and pulls a hamstring. I said, 'coach, you can't do that. Pull a hamstring.' But he was good. It's a good football team then and you know they got a good football team now."

    Arizona State was picked to finish last in the PAC-12 South before the season began, but finished second, behind only Utah.

    At the Sun Devils' practice Thursday, people were very excited about the recruiting class Herm Edwards is putting together.

    The marriage between Herm and ASU appears to be working.

    The Las Vegas Bowl will be played at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 15th.

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