New Fresno USL soccer team announces team name, logo, where they'll play

The Fresno Football Club, or Fresno FC, will begin playing as a USL team in March of 2018.

The USL team coming to Fresno in 2018 is going with a very simple team name - Fresno Football Club, or Fresno FC. Lead investor Ray Beshoff explained, "A lot of the teams now are very simple. Look at the English Premier League - Liverpool Football Club, you know, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC. These are all the top teams in the world."

Beshoff also suggested, "I'm sure the fans will come up with a nickname. Fresno Football Club leaves you kind of open to have a nickname associated with that. " When asked about a mascot, Beshoff said, "I haven't picked one out yet, but I'm going to get one. I love mascots. Pretty cool. Like a fox. Someone told me Fresno's known for a certain type of fox."

As for the team's crest, or logo, it does have a bit more meaning. Fresno means ash tree in Spanish, so there is the leaf of an ash tree at the top. That leaf is also seen on the city flag, as is the sun that sits at the bottom of the crest. The light blue color is also something the team pulled from the Fresno flag. Additionally, the crop lines serve to reference agriculture.

Beshoff says the team plans to play two years at Chukchansi Park, where the Fresno Grizzlies play. Beshoff says there is an option to renew the agreement they have with the Grizzlies after two years. Beshoff also said, "We're comfortable here, but there's a potential that we could have our own stadium down the road, if the city can find us a good spot. We'll wait and see how the first season goes, and then we'll probqably make a determination then. There's a chance we could be here for a long time, there's a chance we could be just a couple years." Regardless of how long Fresno FC stays at Chukchansi Park, he team will set the field up so that it looks like more of a traditional soccer stadium, unlike when the Fresno Fuego play at Chukchansi Park.

Fans can reserve season tickets for Fresno FC here.

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