First season on a home field for the Immanuel Eagles

School spirit at an all time high for the Immanuel Eagles. 

For the first full season, the Immanuel Eagles football team has a stadium they can call theirs, and its all thanks to some generous members of the Immanuel family.

The entire complex was built through donations.

The Immanuel Sports Complex is nestled among the fields, just outside of Reedley. It is home to first class tennis courts, baseball fields, a softball field, and a football stadium.

According to Immanuel Athletic Director, Josh Franco, the entire complex was built in just 11 months.

"They asked 'what can we do to make this place your dream place? Because we know if you like it, the kids will like it, and people will love it. How do we do this?' And that is how things were built. It was, talk to the people around, what they wanted, what they envision. And when our vision came together and they started building, it really came to life, it was pretty neat," says Franco.

For years now the Eagles have been sharing turf with Reedley High School, and Reedley College at the Pirates stadium. Due to scheduling conflicts sometimes their "home" games would be pushed to Dinuba, or even Kingsburg.

This year, there will be no scheduling issues, and no shortage of school spirit.

Head coach Kevin Riddle says having this home stadium means to the world to the Eagles.

"Its a sense of pride to know that you have complex that you can come to and call home, and come out to practice, store your equipment in, and not have to make a huge effort to go to someones place and feel like you're imposing. So its really nice to have this place to come to," says Riddle.

According to Franco, the next step for the Immanuel Sports Complex will be getting some locker rooms, team rooms, coaches offices, and a weight room.

Developers hope to eventually also build a bridge to an island in the Kings River that also falls on the property. There they hope to have volleyball courts, cabins, and a cross-country course.

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