Diamond 'Dogs senior gets great support from grandparents

Fresno State senior Torin Goldstein's had an up and down career as a Bulldog, but enjoyed incredible support from his grandparents throughout.

The Fresno State baseball team plays its final regular season series this week -- and when the seniors say goodbye on Saturday, one Bulldog will have an extra big hug for his grandparents.

For the last five years, each time Torin Goldstein was announced at a Fresno State home game, there's been a guaranteed cheer from two people.

"The best people around," says Goldstein. "They're fantastic."

*They* are Goldstein's grandparents, Karen & Rick Ganulin, who have made the drive up from Irvine for every weekend series in Fresno since Goldstein was a freshman.

"Every one, yep," confirms Rick. "It's about 265 miles each way."

Nine hours round trip in the car, despite the fact their grandson barely played before this season.

"The best way I can describe my first four years here is definitely 'a battle,'" says Goldstein, who fought frustrating injury after frustrating injury. "You're just like, 'why does this keep happening, why does this keep happening?'"

Even this season, Goldstein started the year 3-24, before a Sunday morning breakfast at his grandparents' hotel.

"We had him over for bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls," says Goldstein's grandfather. "And we talked just about, 'what do you do after baseball, what are your plans?' I think it really gave him a peace of mind, wouldn't you agree, Karen? And he just went out that night, got three hits, and the rest is history."

Indeed, the three hit afternoon started a 10 game stretch where Goldstein went 23-34. Before that stretch, he didn't even have 23 hits total as a Bulldog.

"I think it really makes a person stronger, coming back and keep bouncing back from injuries like this," says Goldstein. "But it really is a dream come true, it's been fun."

Goldstein's college career hasn't always been fun on the field. But there was always one guarantee - the positive presence of his grandparents, who coached and cheered on Goldstein since he was five years old, playing t-ball.

"We grab food after every game, and we try our best to get lunch before every game," says Goldstein. "When they drive all these miles to come up here from Orange County, the only way to repay for them that, is to spend as much time with them as I possibly can."

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