1 on 1 with Fresno State Bulldog Josh Hokit

1 on 1 with Fresno State Bulldog Josh Hokit (FOX26)

Bulldog Josh Hokit separates himself by being one of the last people off the practice field every day.

Hokit says he's put the extra work in ever since a disappointing 5th place finish at the state wrestling tournament his junior year of high school.

Hokit did go on to win his senior year.

But now the former walk-on from Clovis High is the number one running back on Fresno State's depth chart.

That’s why FOX26 Sports reporter Nick King sat down with Hokit for our Hard Hitters Q & A.

Q: What is your pregame hype up music?

A: "You know I don't really listen to music. I like to stay focused on my assignment, try to have a clear mind."

Q: Who is the one guy on the team nobody wants to mess with?

A: "I'm an easy going person, but I mean if you want to get under my skin, you push me to the limit, I would say myself."

Q: What's the best advice you've ever received?

A: "I was looking on Twitter, saw Marshawn Lynch say, 'run through a bleeping face, and they won't be there anymore.' And you know what, I take that to heart. You hit the guy over and over and over again, he won't be there anymore."

Q: What's your biggest fear?

A: "Roller coasters. Being that high, going that fast, I don't know how people do it."

Q: What's your secret talent or skill?

A: "For being my size, I can do a backflip, and a pretty decent one. People are surprised when they see that. They think I'm not very athletic. I have to show em real quick."

Q: Who's your favorite all-time football player?

A: "I would say Derek Carr. He's a role model as a father, as a football player, as a Christian. That's a person I look up to and want to be like in the future."

The Fresno State Bulldogs open the 2017 season at home against Incarnate Word on Saturday, September 9th.

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