In Your Backyard: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America - and home to countless outdoor activities.

In this edition of "In Your Backyard," FOX26 Sports Anchor Nick King is spending a couple of summer days at a popular vacation spot for people from all around the world - that's only about 4 1/2 hours from Fresno - Lake Tahoe.

As Tahoe Mountain Club Director of Golf Travis Alley describes, "Painting the picture of Lake Tahoe is just like, draw the prettiest picture you've ever drawn in your life of a natural landscape, and that's Tahoe."

At 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, with parts belonging to both California and Nevada. It's surrounded on all sides by the Sierra Nevada mountains, and while that makes Tahoe an international ski destination in winter, it's an even more popular spot for visitors during the summer.

Lake Tahoe inspires such an active community, "double days" and "triple days" are almost a rite of passage. That means trying one sport in the morning, another in the afternoon, and sometimes a third in the evening. So, all the activities listed here were completed in a three-day trip. Of course, there are countless more options for adventure, both on the water and off. Numerous waterfalls, hiking trails and dozens of golf courses within a short drive.

As Alley explains, “I think people are blown away how much good golf there is here. They always see Tahoe as kind of that ski town, they don’t really see Tahoe as a golf mecca, and it’s become that in the last 10 years. There’s some of the finest mountain golf courses in the country, if not the world.”


- Kayak at Emerald Bay with Kayak Tahoe. Emerald Bay is on the south shore, and possesses Tahoe's only island - Fannette Island. When kayaking Emerald Bay, you can dock at Fannette and hike up a few steps to an old tea house built almost a century ago.

- Hike Lower Eagle Falls. This is a very short trip from where Kayak Tahoe sets up for rentals.

- Golf at Edgewood Tahoe. Edgewood is home to the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship (the one you see on TV every July), and the only golf course at Tahoe with holes right on the water.

- Sleep at the Hard Rock Hotel, less than a mile from Edgewood. The Hard Rock is home to a large casino and numerous dining options.


- Golf at Lake Tahoe Golf Course. Still on the south shore, Lake Tahoe GC sits in a mountain meadow, and your eyes are constantly drawn to the nearby snow capped peaks. Very affordable rates.

- Hike Cascade Falls. Back at Emerald Bay, this time instead of hiking down to the water, you'll hike away from the lake. This is very accessible for any skill level, only about a mile long, and takes you to the top of the 200 foot falls.

- Ziplining and aerial obstacles at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks. Three locations in North Tahoe, including one at Granlibakken Resort. This is fun for the whole family. You pick a course ranging from easy to challenging, and, secured to a cable, follow wobbly bridges, ropes, nets, rock walls and zip lines from one treetop stand to the next.

- Sleep at Granlibakken Resort, on the northwest shore. In addition to the Treetop Adventure Park, Granlibakken has tennis courts, a swimming pool and hot tub, and hiking access to the famous Tahoe Rim Trail right from your room. Here, a hot buffet breakfast is included with your stay.


- Mountain biking the flume trail with Flume Trail Bikes. The flume trail is about a 14 mile ride one way, with about a 1,000 foot climb in the first four miles, then 4.5 miles of single track along the flume (amazing views of the lake), before a 1,500 foot descent back to the parking lot. Flume Trail Bikes offers quality bike rentals, and will shuttle you from the parking lot at Tunnel Creek to the starting point at Spooner Lake State Park. This eliminates riding on the highway.

- Golf at Old Greenwood, one of two courses at Tahoe Mountain Club in Truckee. Old Greenwood is a Jack Nicklaus signature course, nestled among 600 acres of towering pines. It is incredible lush, incredibly scenic, and Nick's personal favorite on this trip.

- Sleep at Loch Leven Lodge. Loch Leven is very cozy, located on Donner Lake. A sliding door opens from your room to a balcony situated above a dock and the lake, with mountains across the way.

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