FNR Report: Gold West vs. Mt. Whitney

We have a quality matchup in Visalia between the Gold West Trailblazers and the Mt. Whitney Pioneers.

Another exciting high school football game takes place this week for Friday Night Rivals.

We have a quality matchup in Visalia between the Gold West Trailblazers and the Mt. Whitney Pioneers.

FOX26 Sports reporter Nick King introduces us to both head coaches in this week's edition of the Friday Night Rivals Report.

Under Paul Preheim, Golden West is 17-3 the last two seasons.

Not bad for a guy who didn't even play high school football himself. "Freshman year I asked the freshman football coach - I thought it was the football coach - if I could go out...and I was 4'11, weighed 95 pounds, and he said, 'son, you need to come back when you're a man,'" said Preheim.

So, Preheim was a swimmer and water polo player while at Reedley high, but always loved football, and did play one year at Kings River Junior College.

An all-around athlete, Preheim then was a pole vaulter at Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

Preheim's first coaching job came back at his alma mater, Reedley.

He then spent the bulk of his career as a defensive coordinator at Hoover, and is now in his seventh year with the Trailblazers. "The impact with the kids. We get to see the kids year round. Football never stops, it's an all-year sport. I love the strategy and I love that the kids are always looking to me, this is my mission work. I get to be with kids all the time and see them grow," said Preheim.

A couple miles away at Mt. Whitney, Marty Martin is in his eighth year coaching the Pioneers.

Martin went to high school in Florida, then was a center at Liberty University in Virginia. "I'll never forget my sophomore year, my mom, dad and my grandmother came to watch me play, and I played one play, it was only because I was on extra point team. I remember walking off that field saying, 'this is never going to happen to me again.' I was about 330 pounds at the time, dropped down to about 280 by spring ball, and started from that point on. You gotta figure out what moves you," said Martin.

Martin actually got a head coaching job his first year out of college, at a high school in Cincinnati.

He later was an offensive coordinator in Virginia and San Diego, before becoming a head coach again at four different Southern California school, followed by Clovis West, Kerman, and now Mt. Whitney.

Martin is closing in on 200 wins for his career.

If you can't make it to the game, make sure you watch it at 7:30 p.m. on The CW59.

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