FNR campus visits: Selma vs. Central Valley Christian

Valley high school football is back on the air Friday night on our sister station, The CW59! Our next matchup is the Selma Bears taking on the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers.

After a week off, Friday Night Rivals is back on The CW59.

Ralph Wood and Vince Wesson will have 5-0 Selma Bears taking on 5-0 Central Valley Christian Cavaliers at 7:30 p.m.

Before the big game, we traveled to both schools to introduce you to the head coaches: Bears coach Matt Logue and Cavaliers coach Mason Hughes.

Selma's Matt Logue was a leader long before he was a head coach.

In 2005, as a senior linebacker at Sacramento State, Logue's teammates picked him as the only captain. "It was a pretty cool honor, because I was voted by our team to be the only guy who was actually a captain all year, and then the rest of the guys kind of rotated," said Coach Logue.

Logue went to Sac State after growing up northeast of Sacramento, going to Bear River High School in Grass Valley. "One of my favorite memories is probably my sophomore year, I played varsity and my brother was a senior. And my dad was our head coach, so that was a pretty cool experience," said Coach Logue.

Logue's coaching career began at Sanger, where he started as linebackers coach and then spent 6 years as defensive coordinator.

Logue then got his head coaching start at Selma, now in his third year with the Bears, already with a Valley Title under his belt. "We love the game. We love being around the game, love teaching it to young kids, young men...and just the growth you see from them in many aspects, the things football teaches you, you know, I just think it's the ultimate team game," said Coach Logue.

At Central Valley Christian in Visalia, Mason Huges is in this 9th season as head coach.

Hughes knew he liked coaching when he was a high school player in the late 90s at Immanuel. "Just the mental side of the game came easy to me. Like, I could understand what my coach was doing..." said Coach Hughes.

Hughes, then a 230 pound offensive lineman who lived off Burger King and soda thought highly of his coach. "A guy named Dave Hansen, who was just a phenomenal man. I remember wanting to be like him," said Coach Hughes.

So when Hughes was a grad student at Fresno State and Hansen called, asking him to help at Immanuel, he was in. "I was like, 'well, I have nothing else to do.' So I was coaching and going to school at Fresno State to get my credential, and God was like, yeah, that's what you're doing dude, it's like right there," said Hughes.

Hughes was an assistant at his alma mater from 2001 to 2007 before heading to CVC. "I think most coaches do this - they become a coach because they like the sport. And then you realize as you get older, what you really like is the kids, and teaching. And then the sport's just kind of what you do to do it, you know," said Coach Hughes.

If you can't make it to the game, make sure you watch it at 7:30 p.m. on The CW59.

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