FNR campus visit: Dos Palos vs. Los Banos


This week is another classic matchup for our Friday Night Rivals game.

The Dos Palos Broncos are taking on the Los Banos Tigers at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station, THE CW59.

Before the big game, we traveled to both schools to introduce you to the head coaches: Kevin Jones at Dos Palos and Dustin Caropreso at Los Banos, both graduates of their schools.

Coach Jones said, "Just because, you give back to the community, the community that supported you all through your high school years and younger years of coaching."

Jones played fullback for Dos Palos in the late 80s. "High school in Dos Palos is a big deal. So every Friday night right out there in that stadium, that stadium was packed. I mean the town would shut down, everybody out in the community supporting us, so that was huge," said Coach Jones.

He started coaching youth football as a freshman in college, and never looked back. "I just like the kids. Just being around the kids, teaching them valuable lessons, not only on the field but off the field as well," said Coach Jones.

For the Tigers, Coach Caropreso feels like coaching was a natural fit after watching his dad work as an assistant at Los Banos for more than 25 years. "So, I've always been around football. If I wasn't a ball boy when I was younger, growing up, I was on the sideline playing with one of the other coach's sons, so, football's always been in me, in my blood," said Coach Caropreso.

He was a running back and outside linebacker for Los Banos in the early 90s.

Since returning to Los Banos as a teacher, Caropreso's been the head coach for basketball, golf, softball and now football for six years. "It's the kids. You know, it's not always about winning and losing. Everybody wants to win. But it's the kids that come back, that say, 'coach, man, you made a difference in my life.' That's the most gratifying thing of coaching," said Coach Caropreso.

If you can't make it to the game in Los Banos, make sure you watch it at 7:00 p.m. Friday, September 15th on The CW59.

If you do make it to the game, upload your photos and videos and we might use them on the FOX26 10 o'clock News!

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