FOX26 World Cup TV Schedule

FOX26 World Cup TV Schedule

FOX26 is your World Cup destination!

FOX26 will air 38 World Cup matches beginning on Thursday, June 14th and ending with the Championship match on Sunday, July 15th.

Some matches will be aired during FOX26 Great Day, but don't worry, Kim & Kopi, Jim and Tayhana will still be live on our sister, The CW59.

Below is a complete list of the matches airing on FOX26. Click here to see the full list of all World Cup matches.

World Cup Schedule

Thursday, May 14
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Russia vs. Saudi Arabia (Group A)

Friday, May 15
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Morocco vs. Iran (Group B)
11am Portugal vs. Spain (Group B)

Saturday, June 16
5am Fox Coverage / 6am Argentina vs. Iceland (Group D)

Sunday, June 17
4am Fox Coverage / 5am Costa Rica vs. Serbia (Group E)

Tuesday, June 19
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Poland vs. Senegal Group H)
11am Russia vs. Egypt (Group A)

Wednesday, June 20
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia (Group A)
11am Iran vs. Spain (Group B)

Thursday, June 21
7am Fox Coverage / 8am France vs. Peru (Group C)
11am Argentina vs. Croatia (Group D)

Friday, June 22
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Nigeria vs. Iceland (Group D)
11am Serbia vs. Switzerland (Group E)

Saturday, June 23
4am Fox Coverage / 5am Belgium vs. Tunisia (Group G)
8am Korea Republic vs. Mexico (Group F)
11am Germany vs. Sweden (Group F)

Sunday, June 24
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Japan vs. Senegal (Group H)
11am Poland vs. Columbia (Group H)

Monday, June 25
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Uruguay vs. Russia (Group A)
11am Iran vs. Portugal (Group B)

Tuesday, June 26
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Denmark vs. France (Group C)
11am Nigeria vs. Argentina (Group D)

Wednesday, June 27
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Mexico vs. Sweden (Group F)
11am Serbia vs. Brazil (Group E)

Thursday, June 28
Fox Coverage / 7am Senegal vs. Colombia (Group H)
11am England vs. Belgium (Group G)

Knockout Phase

Saturday, June 30
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Round of 16 France vs. Argentina
11am Round of 16 Uruguay vs Portugal

Sunday, July 1
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Round of 16 Spain vs. Russia
11am Round of 16 Croatia vs Denmark

Monday, July 2
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Round of 16 Brazil vs Mexico
10am Fox Coverage / 11am Round of 16 Belgium vs. Japan

Tuesday, July 3
10am Fox Coverage / 11am Round of 16 Columbia vs. England

Saturday, July 7
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Quarter Final Match Sweden vs. England
11am Quarter Final Match Russia vs. Croatia

Tuesday, July 10
10am Fox Coverage / 11am Semi-final Match France vs. Belgium

Wednesday, July 11
10am Fox Coverage / 11am Semi-final Match Croatia vs. England

Saturday, July 14
6am Fox Coverage / 7am Play-off for third place Belgium vs. England

Sunday, July 15
7am Fox Coverage / 8am Championship Match France vs. Croatia

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