Georgia Tech-UCF football game canceled by Irma

Georgia Tech-UCF football game canceled by Irma (MGN Graphics)

UCF is hosting the National Guard this weekend, and not Georgia Tech.

The Knights will get a second consecutive weekend off from football games because of the effects of Hurricane Irma. UCF was scheduled to host Georgia Tech on Saturday but that game has been called off and will not be rescheduled. The school, located in Orlando, is using its stadium as a staging ground for 1,000 National Guard members and 250 vehicles needed to assist with Irma-related recovery.

UCF also couldn't play this past weekend against Memphis because of the storm.

UCF athletic director Danny White says the Knights are "honored to host the National Guard and play a part in helping our community and state recover from Irma."

Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury, who was UCF's AD from 2012 through 2015, says he agrees with the move and that recovery from the story "should be and is the top priority for UCF and the entire state of Florida at this time."

Miami and Florida State, like UCF, are also going to miss two straight game weekends because of the storm.

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