How you can help: Applegate Park Zoo has a wish list

A peacock struts his stuff at Applegate Park Zoo (Courtesy Applegate Park Zoo)

Since 1962, Applegate Park Zoo has been home to many wild animals in need of a safe place to live. Native California mammals, birds, and reptiles, most of which came from wildlife rescue centers.

No longer able to survive in their normal habitat, these ambassadors from the wild need care and protection. In return they provide zoo visitors with a glimpse of the wonders of nature.

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As a not for profit, Applegate Park Zoo is always looking for community support and posts a Wish List every Wednesday for people who want to help keep the animals happy and healthy.

Donations can be dropped off at the zoo located a 1045 W 25th St. in Merced.

Click here to visit Applegate Park Zoo online.

Applegate Park Zoo Presidents Week Camp

Applegate Park Zoo & Play Adventures are partnering to give your child a unique camp experience, Feb. 19 - 22. $115 full program or $40 one day drop-in for kids 4 to 12-years-old (flexible)

Half day options available. Early drop off and late pick up available.

Call 209-385-6235 or visit

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