Active weather pushes rain near normal and snow above normal for the season

The Central Valley has seen eight strong rainy days this month to push totals above average.

Although we’re headed into a dry spell for the rest of January, rain and snow totals so far are on track to make our averages.

At this point in the wet season, we want to be close to five inches of rain (4.97") and all the storm systems we’ve gotten are getting us close at 4.42 inches.

This is leaps and bounds above last year's unimpressive inch and a quarter of rain.

And more good news, 2019 looks promising as we've had eight rainy days so far.

Totals for January are at more than two inches of rain, which is 25 percent better than our average.

And our snow is doing even better.

China Peak is reporting up to 136 inches, that’s more than 11 feet of snow.

And a wider look at the Northern and Central Sierra Nevada Mountains shows we're 115 percent above normal, Southern Sierra just barely less than that at 110 percent.

Great news because not only is this beautiful scenic drive of the snow in Kings Canyon an amazing view, it does wonders for our drought.

Once that snowpack melts in April and May, it makes up 30 percent of all the water California needs.

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