Fierce wildfires continue in Santa Rosa, multiple Central Valley fire agencies assisting

Fresno Fire department at Tubbs Fire.

Fire and destruction continue in parts of the state. 15 people have lost their lives as the fire spreads through Northern California.

The Tubbs fire is among one of the largest fires in Napa County. Tuesday night Cal Fire said it's burned more than 27,000 acres. 571 structures were destroyed. It's also killed nine people.

The Sonoma County Sheriff said 57 people have been found but more than 140 are still missing. He says a lack of communication and power in the area caused some issues among residents. The sheriff said they’re trying their best to reconnect people with their families.

As the fire spreads to other areas, firefighters are asking more people to leave their homes. So far there are 647 fire personnel there plus 84 fire engines in the thick of the fires.

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