Adorable tiger cubs now ready for your visit at the San Diego Zoo!

This one is the baby Bengal Tiger. (provided by the San Diego Zoo)

The pair of ridiculously cute baby tigers is now on public display at the San Diego Zoo.

Zoo staff say they're doing so well, and are growing so fast, that they've now been moved to a bigger area!

The Bengal Tiger cub has a very interesting backstory and was actually rescued from someone who was arrested for smuggling him into the country.

He's the younger of the two and weighs 15.6 pounds.

The older is a Sumatran Tiger, and though he weighs 19.1 pounds right now, we're told his Bengal buddy will outweigh him by around 200 pounds when they're full-grown!

Staff says the Bengal cubby still needs to be bottle-fed every three hours, and his companion is already starting to eat meat.

We're told they're getting lots of new toys, things to climb on, and a big new environment to explore!

The San Diego Zoo works hard with the government to rescue tigers, like the one found at the border, and gives them a safe place to live in its Safari Park!

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