Pope in Mexico: Mass today in Chiapas

Fox26 News Reporter Liz Gonzalez continued her coverage of the Pope's visit to Mexico on Great Day Monday morning.

The Pope was making his way to Chiapas: a largely indigenous region of Mexico that has been marred by drug-fueled violence in the past decade.

People in Chiapas seemed to be excited for Pope Francis' visit, hoping he will shine a brighter light on the region, and help convince outsiders the city is safe once again.

Liz reported there was a sense of excitement among the people there because for the first time in decades, the Pope would conduct mass in the three native languages. Many indigenous people in the region have been abandoning the Catholic faith in favor of the Protestant faith, as a response to feeling shunned by the religion. Chiapas is known as being the least Catholic state in Mexico.

Although the Pope's visit to Mexico has been exciting for many, it is also causing headaches for others. State and government police have been conducting test runs of the Pope's route, and it has caused gridlock in certain areas. Many are stocking up on necessities like water and food ahead of the Pope's final stop in Juarez.

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