Pope in Mexico: Juarez Eager to Start New Chapter


Pope Francis wrapped up his nearly weeklong visit to Mexico with a stop along the U-S Mexico border Wednesday.

He made three stops in Juarez, in the state of Chihuahua.

Around each corner, massive groups of people lined the route.

Some waited for at least four hours to catch a glimpse of the Pope.

Javier Luna brought along a drum-- leading the crowd in cheers and dances paying tribute to the Aztecs.

"It's a devotion we feel. It's a beautiful thing to see it catch on," he said.

Marina Armendariz rode a bus for eight hours to see the Pope.

"I have butterflies in my stomach," said the 71-year-old.

She says visiting him in Rome is economically out of the question.

Missing him in Juarez was not an option.

"I had to be here," she says.

Juan Hernandez skipped work Wednesday to watch the Pope.

He had a view like everyone else on the streets-- and another, in the air.

He flew a drone, and was not told to bring it down.

"It's a big thing, the Pope coming to my hometown," he said.

Their wait ended just minutes after 1:00 local time.

The Pope drove by the crowd.

He did not stop.

Even so, many were happy, with just a glimpse.

"My heart is full," said Armendariz.

Pope Francis' visit to Mexico ended with a mass for 250,000 at the old Juarez Fairgrounds-- just 80 yards from the border with El Paso, Texas.

He said a prayer for immigrants on a ramp that faced El Paso.

He boarded his plane back to Rome following a private 15-minute meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña-Nieto.

He called on him to uphold human rights.

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