Historic Meeting in Cuba

Historic Meeting: Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch meet

Historic Meeting: Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch meet

An historic meeting for Christians took place Friday in Cuba.

Pope Francis met with Russian Orthodox Kirill.

As Steve Harrigan from our partner at Fox News shows us, it's the first time the leaders of the two churches have ever met.

The two met privately for a few hours at Havana's airport in talks announced just last week.

Pope Francis, credited with helping Cuba mend ties with the U.S. and the Vatican, says this meeting is an effort to ease 1,000-years of discord between the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.

During the meeting, Francis and Kirill signed a joint declaration calling for peace in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine and urges Europe to "maintain its faithfulness to its Christian roots."

The meeting comes as tension between Moscow and Western countries remains high over crises in Syria and Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ties with Kirill and has met with Francis two times since the start of his papacy.

From Cuba, the Pope goes to Mexico where he will perform mass on the U.S. / Mexican border.

Afterward the Pope will get back on his plane for a weeklong visit to Mexico.

Fox26 KMPH News reporter and anchor, Liz Gonzalez, will also be there and will have reports on Fox 26 News and during that visit.

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