Photos: Scenic spa set among Iceland's volcanoes will offer rugged retreat

Credit: Johannes Torpe Studios/Cover Images

Design company Johannes Torpe Studios have released plans for a volcanic retreat called Red Mountain Resort - and the views are breathtaking.

Situated on the Snæfellsness peninsula, near a majestic glacier-covered stratovolcano the wellness resort will be surrounded by caves, craters, and lava fields.

The resort consists of 150 rooms, 20 distinct bungalows, a center for creative industries including housing and an installation space for artists-in-residence, a spa and wellness center.

Inspired by local nature, history, and mythology, Johannes Torpe wanted to create another reality hidden within the Icelandic landscape.

Once a guest enters this illusive world, his senses become awakened by the power of nature that is always seen, sensed and present inside the resort.

‘Captured by the mystique and mystery of the Icelandic landscape, where, according to local mythology, ‘invisible people’ and ‘half-men, half-trolls’ are believed to roam, Johannes Torpe Studios has designed a resort for the modern spiritual traveler,’ states the company website.

‘Situated on the Western peninsula of Snæfellsness, at the point where the river mouth runs out to the sea, the resort faces ‘Snæfellsjokull’, a majestic glacier covered stratovolcano.

The mountain is home to the Icelandic saga about Barður Snæfellsa?s, who is said to have left the chaotic world of men behind to live in solitude.’

Appealing to all the senses, the spa experience starts in a steam room where, through the fog, guests may feel lost. They are then guided through states like contemplation, clarity and enlightenment. The “journey” features showers of rain, hot and cold baths and a floating salt bath. The relationship with nature and Icelandic lore will continue throughout the resort.

A natural lagoon flows into the reception area; rooms look out at the landscape through floor-to-ceiling glass windows; red-pigmented concrete will blend into the surrounding area, making the hotel appear to fade into the land.

“We wanted to create a building that has the potential to encapsulate a sense of timelessness through the utilization of historical construction techniques and the incorporation of elements from the landscape of which it is built,” says Kit Sand Ottsen, Head of Architecture.

According to Johannes Torpe Studios, the developer is currently in the process of making geological tests on the grounds.

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