Photos: Incredible art on display as LEGO's BrickUniverse stops in Dayton, Ohio

Photos: Incredible art on display as LEGO's BrickUniverse stops in Dayton (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - For the first time, LEGO's BrickUniverse is on display in Dayton. The show is going on this weekend at the Dayton Convention Center and it's truly an incredible sight to see.

Jonathan Lopes is a LEGO artist who's created some of the displays you'll see. One of them is a replica of the Woolworth building New York City. The piece stands eight feet tall and is comprised of 120,000 LEGOs. He built it to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Woolworth building. He says to him, LEGOs are an art medium, "The same way a sculptor would use clay, or a painter would use paint. It's a means to get across my creative ideas and to also fulfill my creative need."

The displays are all made out of standard LEGO pieces. The pieces haven't been cut, altered or painted which Lopes said can make creating the art interesting, "adds to the challenge, there are only so many colors and so many shapes available."

Lopes said kids and parents are blown away when they see the creations up close. He said he hopes kids see what he does and realize it's a career path they could pursue.

"I think a lot of kids leave here inspired, and thinking, 'I could be an artist that builds with LEGO bricks as well,'" Lopes said.

The shows are this Saturday and Sunday at the Dayton Convention Center, tickets are $15.

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