San Antonians are joining in on the latest internet craze - 'Hobby Lobby Challenge'

(Photo courtesy of Mark Ramos)

The latest internet craze is thankfully not a Tide Pod-related one.

Instead, it's a funny challenge that is promoting creativity among young photographers.

According to BuzzFeed News, the "Hobby Lobby Challenge" started after a 22-year-old tweeted out a photo inside the craft store captioned "snapchat vs instagram." The internet loved it and it eventually turned into the "Hobby Lobby Challenge" where participants enter their local craft store and try to create beautiful photos in the floral section.

Some San Antonio residents are also taking part in the challenge. Mark Ramos, 23, is from the Northwest side of town and said he heard about the challenge on Facebook.

"I heard about the challenge on Facebook. Me and my best friend were on our lunch break and had some extra time to spare and decided to try the challenge at out local hobby lobby. Well we ended up going back late to work 'cause we had too much fun with this challenge," Ramos said.

Ramos said he and fellow native friend Alexandria Valadez, 24, have had a lot of fun both participating in it as well as seeing how others are taking on the challenge.

Send us photos of your take on the Hobby Lobby Challenge here:

Here are some other incredible photos from the "Hobby Lobby Challenge" featured on Instagram:

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