Woman suing Mar-a-Lago for injury during 2014 event

Woman suing Mar-a-Lago for injury during 2014 event (WPEC)

A philanthropist and Palm Beach resident is suing the Winter White House and a Miami event company for what she calls a "life-changing injury."

CBS12 obtained a copy of the lawsuit, filed December 19. The lawsuit said the plaintiff, Donna Long, alleges that Mar-a-Lago and a subcontracted company hired by the resort for an event, Off the Wall Sound Company Inc., are responsible for maintaining a safe environment during events with guests.

The event mentioned in the suit was the Cancer Ball that took place January 11, 2014. Long was a guest at the event.

The lawsuit alleges that a piece of lighting equipment with a sharp metal object protruding from it was placed in an area with a high volume of foot traffic.

According to the complaint, Long, the half-sister of Gorden Getty, claims her "leg was impaled by a light fixture with sharp metal protruding from it.”

Long’s lawyer, Tim Felice, said in the document that the injury sustained to her leg has affected her quality of life because of medical expenses, permanent damage to her appearance, and function ability.

Felice filed a negligence suit and said Long will suffer additional losses in the future as a result of the injury and that the Mar-a-Lago Resort and Off the Wall were responsible for maintaining a safe premise for guests.

President Trump was not named in the suit.

Read the complaint below.

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