West Virginia couple seeks Central Valley man they met in Vegas; says they're okay

A West Virginia couple is now searching for a Central Valley man. They say he gave them free tickets to a concert in Vegas

A West Virginia couple is now searching for a Central Valley man. They say he gave them free tickets to the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Kimberly and Joshua Skidmore never expected their trip to Vegas would end in the middle of the worst mass shooting in U.S. History, where nearly 60 people were shot and killed and hundreds of others hurt. Now the couple wants to find that man to let him know they're okay.

They’re parents of three beautiful kids including a newborn. The couple said they wanted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary together in a city that meant so much to them.

" We always have a great time there [in Las Vegas]. We got engaged there. We made a lot of great memories that weekend," said Joshua.

They felt "lady luck" was with them when they walked into a casino and met a man who offered them free tickets to a concert.

"He said, ‘You guys want to see Jason Al Dean tonight?’. I said yea! I was so excited," says Kimberly.

The couple says the man, who Kimberly called ‘Farmer Joe from California’ had to catch a flight the next day and didn't want the tickets to go to waste. The couple says the night started off great until the gunfire started.

"The stage lights were still on you could still hear music in the speakers, but as soon as we saw the guy in front of us get struck. I grabbed her and we tried to make our way to the exit as soon as we could,” said Joshua.

Now safely back in West Virginia. all the couple could think about was how farmer Joe might be feeling. That’s when Kimberly took to Facebook and shared their story. The post was followed by an overwhelming amount of support from people who wanted to help the couple find the farmer from California who gave them the free concert tickets.

"We just wanted to let him know that we were okay and thankful. We're very thankful. Don't have any guilt or worry. There is absolutely no way anyone could've predicted that,” said Joshua.

Kimberly says her post was shared on an agriculture group and with the help of others. They think they've found farmer Joe. Kimberly says she has sent him a message and is waiting for that person to get back to her.

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