Vandals trash car of Navy veteran who just got out of the service

Vandals trash car of Navy veteran who just got out of the service. (Courtesy Shay Farias)

MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KMPH) - A veteran who just got out of the Navy received an unruly welcome home this past weekend. Shay Farias of Mariposa County says she left her disabled car on the side of the road. When she returned on Saturday she discovered that all her car windows had been smashed, the mirrors were broken and the tires had been slashed.

"I'm very angry, try to hold it in but I'm very upset."

The 1988 Honda CRX is Farias' first car and has great sentimental value. She just got it re-registered.

"Thought I was set. I was like, I have a car, I have a place. I have a job lined up. I was thinking, yes, I got it right, you know."

Mariposa County's newest Navy veteran spent her birthday Tuesday shopping for a car. She's now driving a Kia that she bought in Merced. Farias is hoping Mariposa County sheriff's deputies track down the vandals who left fingerprints and footprints on her Honda.

It's a crime she says just doesn't make sense.

"I just don't understand some people and they didn't steal anything either. It was simply just to do it."

Farias says it wasn't the welcome home she was expecting after spending four years protecting our country in the South Pacific.

Soon, Farias will be going to work mentoring teenagers at the First Step Group Home. She's happy about finding work but disappointed that she's taking on a car payment she didn't anticipate.

If you would like to help out the Navy veteran during the holidays, here's the number to call: 559-580-7687.

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