Responses pour in from local lawmakers after President Trumps address

    Lawmakers respond to the presidents Oval Office address.

    There were some mixed responses on president trumps address on national immigration last night. Fox 26 reached out to both democratic and republican law makers we are still waiting to hear from congressmen Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy. However, figures congressmen Jim Costa and TJ Cox shared their thoughts.

    Congressman Jim Costa says president trump's desired $5.7 billion steel barrier along the U.S. Mexico border isn't the solution. Costa says he hopes to see the government re-open right away and not hold it hostage to politics.

    "Why would he at first say that Mexico was going to pay for it? Now that he has realized or come to the conclusion that is a false promise that he made," said Costa.

    Meanwhile, newly sworn-in congressman T.J. Cox sent a statement to Fox 26 news saying in part,

    "President Trump has forgotten that his responsibility is to the American people including the federal employees who are struggling to make ends meet without their paychecks - not to talk show hosts," said Cox.

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