REPORT: Man arrested after spanking five-year-old child with leather belt

    (Source Escambia County Sheriff's Office/ Photo: Ian Ernesto Williams)

    An arrest report from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) says 30-year-old Ian Ernesto Williams was arrested after he allegedly spanked a child with a leather belt, leaving bruises on his body.

    The report says a woman contacted ECSO deputies on Wednesday stating she believed her grandson may have been a subject of child abuse.

    The report says, the five-year-old spent the weekend at his grandparents' house from March 8th through 10th.

    The woman told deputies she had given her grandson a bath each evening and at no point observed any bruises or marks on his body, the report says.

    On Monday, the report says the child received disciplinary action at his school and when his grandmother went to bathe him she saw multiple marks along his back and buttocks.

    The child complained to his grandmother that his buttocks were sensitive and hurt, the report reveals.

    When she asked him how he got the marks, the report says the victim said he was disciplined by Williams due to his actions at school.

    The sheriff’s office says the grandmother took a picture of the mark on the child’s back and showed it to the deputy, the report says.

    The report revealed, ECSO saw the picture that was taken on Tuesday by the grandmother’s cellphone which captured a large contusion on the back of the child.

    When deputies spoke with the grandfather, the report says he also saw the marks and said he did not recall any marks being on his grandson back previously.

    According to the report, when deputies went to the child’s school to speak with him about the marks, deputies discovered the victim was nonverbal and Williams was visiting with the child.

    The investigation revealed ECSO also spoke with the child and he was asked if he had received a spanking but information about whom spanked him was redacted.

    The sheriff’s office says the victim would not elaborate further about the spanking, according to the report.

    The report says the deputy saw a contusion on the small of the victim’s back which was consistent with the picture shown to the deputy by the grandmother.

    ECSO says they spoke with Williams at the school during their investigation, however, the details of the conversation with Williams was redacted within the report.

    The police report does not say what type of relationship Williams has the victim, although it does say Williams was allowed to visit him at school.

    The report states based on the totality of the circumstances Williams was arrested for aggravated battery, cruelty towards a child, and given no bond.

    Williams is scheduled to appear in court April 4th.

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