Police release body cam video showing gas explosion that injured officer

Body cam from the explosion. Courtesy: Indio Police Department

Newly released body cam video of a gas explosion shows the dangers first responders can face during a routine call.

The Indio Police Department in Southern California released the video from an incident in August on Wednesday.

Police say on August 8, Officer Quintana and his trainee Officer Campoa were dispatched to a call regarding the smell of gas coming from a home.

As the officers were trying to get the residents out of the hose, police say an ignition source inside the house caused an explosion.

Officer Quintana suffered second degree burns to his right arm.

Even though Officer Quintana was injured, he continued to help the evacuation of nearby residents until he was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Since the explosion in August, Officer Quintana has returned to full duty.

The only resident who was inside the house was airlifted to a hospital where he later died from his injuries.

"Officers put their pants on one leg at a time, just as everyone else does," the Indio Police Department wrote in a statement on Facebook. "Officers are no better than anyone else but have a different calling than most. Officers live a life where they run towards danger and not away from it. Every day that an Officer puts their uniform on, they run the risk of never returning home at the end of their shift. When confronted with danger or when injured, Officers continue to do their job, they continue to fight, they continue the rescue and they continue to maintain public safety for the citizens they serve. Here is an example of everything described above. This is an Officers everyday life, ever day they put the uniform on."

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