Las Vegas shooting one year later

Outside of the Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas stripe.

It has now been one year since the deadliest mass shooting in US history. That was the night police say one man fired rifles from a hotel window down into a huge crowd of people at the route 91 harvest festival in Las Vegas. 58 people were killed and more than 800 were hurt and investigators say that even now, the killer's motive is still unknown.

A Visalia woman who survived the unimaginable now speaks out about her road to recovery. Debbie Callahan says it's been a process but one that's made her stronger. She happened to be on a girl's trip with six other women.

"We had been there since Thursday having a blast. It was our second year being there together at this event," said Callahan.

That togetherness ended when the shooting started with Debbie losing track of all of them except one.

"As soon as there was a break in the shooting we took off running

Now looking back Debbie says an uneasy feeling comes over her

Knowing how it turned out for many of the people there.

"The saddest part is for 58 people. I have my alarm set for to pray for them tonight because they were at a concert and they didn't get to go home. There was nobody in that crowd who he knew. He was bent on destruction. It's just the unbelievable part that someone could actually be that evil," said Callahan.

A memorial was held at the stripe Monday for those people killed. A place Debbie say she's gone back to visit but she says she also chooses not to dwell on what happened as a part of her own healing process.

"It was one horrible night and other than my friend having an injured ankle we got out of there unscaled and I hope it never happens again," said Callahan.

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