WWII Veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Vincent Shuttera points to himself as loved ones sing "Happy Birthday." The WWII veteran celebrated his 100th birthday Saturday in Southeast Fresno.

Dozens sang "Happy Birthday" to Vincent Shuttera Saturday afternoon at a Southeast Fresno restaurant.

It's a tune he's heard over and over again.

Shuttera was celebrating his 100th birthday.

"I never thought I'd live beyond 65," said Shuttera, a retired Marine, who served in World War II.

Shuttera was born near Modesto, and has remained in the Central Valley most of his life, except when he was overseas in the military.

"I was in the first offensive land battle of World War II," he said.

He credits much of his longevity to keeping busy.

Once he completed his military service, he had a truck driving business.

He later went into construction.

"You gotta be active, you gotta take interest socially," Shuttera said.

Healthy eating makes a difference, too.

He eats oatmeal every morning and cooks his own dinners most nights.

"I think your diet is very important when you're old age. I'm not a purist. If you serve me anything I'll probably eat it-- but not regularly!" he said.

His daughter says board games also help him stay sharp.

Good genes help, too.

Shuttera has an older brother in Modesto.

That brother turns 103 years old this month, too.

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