Video: Women arrested for vandalizing church, Watsonville Police say

Women arrested for vandalizing church, Watsonville Police say

Watsonville Police Officers say they arrested a woman for a vandalism spree, leaving the church with almost $15,000 in damages.

Police say Jackeline Chavira hit multiple businesses on before making her way to St.Patrick’s Church on Main Street where she caused the most extensive damage.

Surveillance footage shows as she walks into the church at 12:15 p.m., heads to the altar and looks around before pushing over a 15 ft. crucifix statue.

Officers say Chavira then runs next door to a prayer room and throws a religious statue on the ground before tearing down two large pieces of religious artwork, while two parishioners were in the room praying.

According to police, her next stop was a small business that sells religious items on the 400 block of Main Street. At about 12:22 p.m. Chavira goes into the store and attempts to steal a religious statue. She argues with an employee before throwing the statue on the ground, causing it to break. She then leaves the store.

As officers were investigating the cases, they say a victim spotted Chavira near West Beach and Rodriguez Street where she was eventually arrested.

Police say Chavira was booked into county jail for vandalizing a place of worship, defacing property, burglary and disobeying a court order. Her bail was set at $25, 000.

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