Woman wants to reunite a baby's ashes with its family

Central Valley woman holding the baby ashes of Charlie Jerome Garcia in hopes to reunite him with family.

A Central Valley woman is now hoping to reunite a baby's ashes with its' family. The woman says she's been holding on to the ashes for more than a year.

It’s not the most eye-catching box but Randi Johnston says it’s what’s inside that matters most. Johnston says she saved a box holding the baby's ashes of Charlie Jerome Garcia from being thrown away. She says she was at someone’s house in Sanger when it happened.

“They had evicted a roommate. I guess she left on bad terms and they were throwing her stuff on the curbside. I said wait, you can’t throw those away. I said I will take them and I took them. She didn’t deserve to have her baby’s ashes thrown away in the trash,” said Johnston.

After that, Johnston says she called the Fresno County Coroners Office for help.

“They had no success. They found an address in Kingsburg. They wrote to them and they never responded,” said Johnston.

She says they gave her other options but felt she only had one.

“They had said I could do one or two things. Turn them over to them and let them put them in the Anonymous Angel which is a beautiful thing but he’s got a family somewhere. He has a name and I haven’t exhausted all efforts to find his family. He needs to be with his family,” said Johnston.

Now Johnston is hoping someone will recognize the name on the box to reunite him with his family.

“This is your baby and I know you want him back. I’m trying to find somebody. He’s got an aunt, a grandmother, and uncle. [He has] somebody somewhere and I want him returned,” said Johnston.

The box will be in her hands until someone claims the baby's ashes.

“I think he is at peace because he knows I am trying to find his family for him,” said Johnston.

If you recognize the name on the box please contact Randi Johnston at

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