Woman pulled from canal in Central Fresno

A woman was pulled from a Fresno canal but she had no pulse. Firefighters began CPR and EMT's took over.

A woman is now at a Fresno hospital after she was pulled from a canal Tuesday morning.

Police received reports around 9 a.m. of someone floating face-down in the water near Blackstone and Shields.

They later found the woman's body nearly a mile away, at Maroa and Dayton.

"That specific canal is extremely full, all the way to the overpasses," said Fresno Fire Captain John Pepper.

Pepper says the water is also murky -- and the combination proved too dangerous for rescuers to go in the water right away.

"We have no idea what's under the surface of the water. We've found vehicles and shopping carts," Pepper said.

Once crews were able to get her out, they say she had no pulse.

Even so, they began administering CPR.

Then, American Ambulance EMT's took over.

It's part of a so-called "Cold Water" policy in place across Fresno County at most lakes, rivers and canals.

"They say anything below 70 degrees, we can resuscitate someone even if they've been in that water or submerged for up to an hour," says Pepper.

Michael Estrada with American Ambulance says the cold water slows down a person's metabolism and helps slow the respiratory rate.

"They don't lose brain function quite as fast," Estrada says.

Crews continued to administer CPR on the way to the hospital.

"It sounds like they got a pulse as soon as they got to the hospital," said Estrada.

As of 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, the woman was in critical condition.

Fresno Police don't know who the woman is.

They believe she's around 30 years old.

She was wearing jogging shorts and sneakers.

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