Walk of Honor dedicated at Fresno V.A. Hospital

Wall now has 1,359 names of Veterans

There is now a new name for the slabs of granite that honor Valley Veterans. The Fresno V.A. Hospital now has a Walk of Honor.

There was uplifting music and lots of speeches to honor the 1,359 names that are etched in the granite walls on the Walk of Honor. 274 names were added this year. Just like it reads on the wall, the theme for Saturday's dedication ceremony was, never forget.

Congressman Jim Costa was one of the keynote speakers. "I think it's really a reflection to the men and women who cared. People who went before us, Bill Dietzel, Charlie Waters and others who wanted to make sure that we never ever forget."

J.D. Bennett served in the Marines, his son James in the U-S Army. James' name was added to the wall. "Absolutely proud to know that my family has a history now of serving our nation and we have a combat veteran in our family. I'm very proud."

Speakers told the crowd the Walk of Honor is something special. Smokey Rickerd who served in the Air Force calls the area a solemn place of honor and reflection that you won't find at any other V-A hospital in the country. "As you can imagine the Walk of Honor was a significant undertaking. One that has become a sacred and special place of remembrance of those men and women who sacrificed so much for your freedoms."

Of the 1,359 names, 48 have the distinguished gold star next to their names. It signifies they were killed in action.

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