Visalia woman's personal information stolen... her doctor is to blame

Visalia woman's personal information stolen... her doctor is to blame

A Visalia woman's personal information is in the hands of a thief. Robin Walker wasn't hacked, it was stolen from her doctor. She had knee surgery in July. Days before the operation her doctor's car was broken into.

She learned that forty patients with Anesthesia Consultants of Fresno got their personal information stolen. "I got a letter on the 28th of July stating all my pertinent information that I trusted them with was stolen." Walker was worried. She sought answers by phone and mail and got nowhere. "I called and tried to contact and there was no luck. I talked to a machine and for two weeks I got no information from anyone. No one contacted me. No one returned a phone call."

Two weeks later she was contacted and offered the free use of a credit monitoring service for a year. Walker had already taken action. "I called the day after I got the letter and put a fraud alert on all my accounts, called insurance companies and the banks."

Fresno Police say there are a number of things to do if your personal information is stolen. File a police report. If your social security number is stolen contact the Social Security Administration. Lt. Mark Hudson says to do the same if the thief got credit cards.

"Contact Experian, Trans Union and Equifax and let them know to put a fraud alert out on your credit so they can monitor and make it more difficult trying to open up credit in your name."

Walker believes her credit is safe for now but she's not happy. "This wasn't a hack job. This was something completely different in my book. He treated my information so nonchalantly and they're still acting like yeah it happens, sorry."

Walker says she's still waiting for an apology from her doctor who lost her information.

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