Visalia man believes his $2 Babe Ruth baseball card is worth millions

Only two of these baseball cards are in existence.

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) - A card collector from Visalia believes he's holding the Mona Lisa of baseball cards that only cost him two bucks.

Dale Ball says if his Babe Ruth card turns out to be an original it's worth millions.

The card that has yet to be authenticated is a 1921 Babe Ruth Shotwell E-121 Model. There are only two cards in existence.

Ball bought it at Action Sports and Coin in Sparks, Nevada. "That Babe Ruth there is that $800 or $8, and he said no its $8. I said why is it only $8. He says I can't find it anywhere in the magazines. I think it's fake."

The pawn shop was having an 80 percent markdown sale, so he got it for two bucks. Ball didn't want to get his hopes up, so he researched the Babe Ruth card online.

"We went at it for three days before we were able to track down that logo on the back of it. And the logo from Shotwell is exactly that logo 100 percent with the dye mark and the watermark."

Ball called the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York and told him what he bought. "She told me I want to see that card as fast as you can get it to me. Same thing with every organization that's had the picture sent to them on this card. They've blown it up and looked for certain things on this card, certain marks."

Fox 26 News took a picture of the card to Matt Mossette's Baseball Cards in Fresno. He believes Professional Sports Authenticators in Newport Beach can decide if it's real or a replica.

"They need to look at it and basically authenticate it. And that's the only way it's gonna be proven that card is real. It's so rare and no one knows anything about it."

Ball may rent the Babe Ruth card to the Hall of Fame but then again. "The only way I would sell this card is for the bidding to start at $2 million because to me I found the Mona Lisa."

If it's real Ball wants to use the money to help his mom and Dad retire.

Ball also promised the owner of the pawn shop in Sparks that he'll get a share of the profits if he sells the Babe Ruth card.


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