Viewers share shower door explosion stories and pictures

Courtesy: Marya Miller Rodrigues

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) -- One day after our special report on "Exploding Shower Doors" Fox 26 viewers let us know it's happened to them.

It's a problem that's a lot more common than most people think. More than two-thousand people went to the emergency room in the past five years due to shower door accidents.

Here are some frightening experiences shared by our viewers.

Daniel Cherry had the scariest story. She spent four hours in the emergency room after her shower door exploded. The bath tub was full of glass along with a piece from the door, plus containers of shampoo and body wash.

Donna Viloria says her ten year old was showering when she heard a loud noise and screaming. Donna says luckily only minor scratches on the feet and legs.

Federal law requires that shower doors be made with safety glass. That usually means tempered glass. Mark Meshulam is a glass safety expert. "Tempered glass has within it a huge amount of energy."

Think of tempered glass like a bomb. All that stored inside energy is trying to get out at the smallest nick. The glass is designed to blow into itty bitty pieces.

Stephanie Sorg says her daughter suffered a bunch of nicks to her upper body and her hands and feet. Sorg says to this day her daughter won't take a shower with the door closed.

Marya Miller Rodrigues shared a frightening picture showing glass scattered all over the bathroom. Her remark... "Yup happened to us for no reason."

Since January there have been 42 reports of exploding shower doors filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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