Viewers capture severe storm that dumped rain, hail, & snow on Valley and foothills

Heavy winds snapped a large oak tree on the property in Squaw Valley. He says last night the wind was so strong it lifted some roof tiles on his house.

Fox26 News viewers captured Monday's storm on pictures & video as it swept through Fresno and Clovis into the foothills.

The Central Valley has seen everything from beautiful rainbows, to flooding, mountains of snow and hail, lightning and even a tornado warning these last few days and viewers caught everything on video and pictures.

From hail in Selma to road closures from flooding the downpour has impacted everyone.

State route 59 had to close because water levels got so high at Mariposa Creek.

Viewers spotted hail in Mountain View, Dinuba and some more that fell in Coarsegold.

What also fell is trees in Squaw Valley and you know the higher we go the worse it gets.

The snow level at King’s Canyon dropped to below 5,000 feet.

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At Mammoth Junction road signs were 6 feet deep in snow.

At Mammoth Mountain, entire cars were covered in snow.

The area got more than a foot of snow last night and 12 feet since our weather makers started.

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And in the valley rain totals look like this since Sunday:

An even inch in Fresno, 1.6 inches in Los Banos, 2.4 inches near Chowchilla,10 miles northwest of Coalinga there’s been 3.4 inches, Coarsegold has had 4.5 inches and close to a whopping 5.5 inches has been recorded at Grant Grove.

Send Fox26 News any weather pictures or video you shoot yourself by clicking this link:

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