Vending machine thief caught on security camera

Courtesy: Fresno RV Park

The owner of Fresno RV Park in west central Fresno hopes you recognize the person caught on security camera breaking into his vending machines and call police. In most break-ins thieves were hoodies or baseball caps to hide their identity. This guy looked right into the camera before going to work on the vending machines.

It happened before six on Monday morning. He walked into the outdoor lobby of Fresno RV Park and sized up the vending machines. He dropped in coins while focusing on the locks. He then pulled out a pair of vice grips and went to work on the lock. In a matter of seconds he was in. After taking the cash and coins he leaves. But in thirty seconds he returns to take on the second machine.

Kevin Kirk is the owner of the RV park. "I was surprised that he would be so brazen to go after and risk so much for such a small amount of cash." Kirk believes he got away with one hundred dollars in cash. Damage to the vending machines is fifteen times higher at $1500.

Chris Kaufmann has been working on vending machines for 25 years. He convinced Kirk to upgrade his locks. "A high security lock is one solid piece. You can't pull it out, you can't drill it. Where you insert the key it just sits and spins if you put a drill in it."

Kevin Kirk has owned the business for 14 years and this is the first time someone has broken into his vending machines. He hopes the security camera video will help catch a thief. "I would like to put his face on TV so that we can remind other business owners to upgrade their locks and if by chance somebody knows this guy they can turn him in and maybe he can get his life turned around."

If you recognize the man contact Fresno Police at (559) 621-7000.

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