Vandal slashes car tires in Fresno neighborhood

flat tire.PNG

A lot of people in a Fresno neighborhood say they're now paying for repairs to their cars someone else damaged. They say a man is piercing car tires and at least 10 cars were punctured Wednesday morning.

Residents reviewed home surveillance video the night it happened and spotted a man walking past a driveway earlier this week. Resident, Sam Gurley says his neighbors think the guy in the surveillance video is responsible for slashing several car tires.

“We went through the video and actually saw a guy on a bike pull up on a driveway, about 10 mins you see the right side of my truck tilt from flat tires,” said Gurley.

Gurley told Fox 26 he isn’t the only one dealing with damages. People living on neighboring streets including Griffith Way, Hampton Way, and Pontiac Way are reporting the same thing. He says this has happened for several months.

Please call crime stoppers if you think you know who this car vandal is 559-498-stop. California laws state if someone is arrested and charged with vandalism. He or she could face fines and up to a year in the county jail.

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