Vandal destroys veterans memorial in Visalia

Vandal destroys veterans memorial in Visalia

The search is on for the person who vandalized a veterans memorial in Visalia, and the whole thing is caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows someone meticulously walking up to the soldier's cross in front of the Visalia Veterans Memorial Building and just start wrecking it, consciously, with rage.

You can see him yanking, twisting, and breaking the monument.

After it's destroyed, he just walks away.

Veterans say this act was obviously intentional, and they find it inconceivable that someone would dare do something like this because the monument represents those killed in action.

Dennis Sirkin with the Visalia Veteran's Memorial District said, "That says you have absolutely no respect for those who have given and respected our country and many made the ultimate sacrifice, and that's what that particular monument symbolizes."

Officials at this building say they went through a lot of effort to erect that monument, and now they have to go through the motions all over again to replace it.

The person responsible for this would face vandalism to government property charges.

If you know who did this, please call Visalia police at (559) 734-8116.

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