Valley Crime Stoppers cash rewards go up for gang related crimes

Valley Crime Stoppers cash rewards go up for gang related crimes

Anyone can now share information on crime and earn some extra cash without it ever being traced back to them. That's all because of Valley Crime Stoppers, a non-profit organization ran by citizens that acts as a shield to conceal the identity of tipsters. VCS board president, Dale Mendoza founded the organization with a handful of others in the early 1990's. He attributes its effectiveness is people staying completely anonymous.

"It's got to be totally anonymous. We don't want to know who you are because the things that come back to you. We just want to be the bad guys off the street," said Mendoza.

The bounty only gets higher depending on the crime. Program Director, Susan Blaze says it can ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.

"From theft, all the way to murder. There is an enhancement on the reward if it is gang related. In order to help the communities with gang violence. We do pay more toward crimes that are committed with gangs," said Blaze.

All you need to do is report it to valley crime stoppers by phone or online. It gives you a code number and it passes the tip onto law enforcement.

"Even if a tipster does give too much information, we scrub it before it is given to law enforcement," said Blaze.

Tipsters with a number id follow the case and if it leads to an arrest, VCS says that's when you get paid. Nothing is face to face arrangements for cash release are also made anonymously. From January through December 2018 a total of 3,125 tips were reported, out of that 420 arrests were made and $50,000 in rewards were cashed out. VSC says all tips are paid through sponsorship.

"It is a total give back to the community from corporate sponsors. We have a lot of farmers and business people who donate through corporate sponsors and that's how the money is raised through the rewards," said Mendoza.

Anyone can submit an anonymous tip by calling 559-498-STOP (7859) or online at the Crime Stoppers website.

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