Valley apartment family told to take down American Flag

Clovis family told to take down American flag, until Fox26 KMPH News got involved.

A Clovis family living at the Lexington Square Apartments says it got a letter from the apartment manager stating due to a complaint the American flag outside must come down immediately.

Joel Semar says the letter said if he didn't comply, he and his elderly mother could be evicted.

Semar says, "This makes me very angry, because this is America."

Semar's mother, Deine says watching the flag wave in the wind is a sight which turns back time.

She says, "My husband fought in the war. He was in the military for 4 years during World War II, he served in France."

Semar says managers told him to call the apartment complex's corporate office in Boston.

He says, "They won't let you talk to anybody. You have to put your complaint on a voice mail complaint line and I called 4 times. I left the same message and I have not heard from them."

So, Fox26 KMPH News Reporter Erik Rosales called the corporate office in Boston.

Hours later Rosales heard from a Winn Companies spokesperson.

The spokesperson sent Fox26 KMPH News an email statement.

It said, "Our staff personally put the flag back up this afternoon. This incident was the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. We apologize."

Semar says, "I came in and my mom told me the manager came and put it out himself. I just went great."

Deine says, "Praise God, I thank God for people like you. We are ever so grateful, ever so grateful."

So Old Glory will continue to fly proudly for years to come

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