Unicorn leads CHP officers on 3 hour chase

After a 3 hour chase, this unicorn was finally apprehended by Highway Patrol. (Photo: DJ Becker)

For those of you who may've thought they saw a unicorn running around the Madera Ranchos, California last night, you're not crazy. Juliet moonlights as a unicorn and last night she got away and caused quite a stir.

Officer Justin Perry said, "We got a call of a unicorn running in the roadway on 12th avenue near Road 32.

"I've been doing this for 14 years and this is my first call for a unicorn."

Sandra Boos owns Juliet. "I'm a photographer here in the Fresno area and a lot of little girls have had their dreams come true taking pictures with Juliet the unicorn."

The pony belongs to her daughter, and works with Boos on occasion taking pictures.

It was during a photoshoot on Wednesday that Juliet got loose.

Boos said, "She threw her head up, pulled the lead rope out of her hands and that was it so at that point she ran off and the more we pursued her the further she ran."

The pony ran for over three hours down roads and through orchards without anyone able to catch her.

It was so serious that the H40 helicopter was called to help track the pony, but as much as everyone tried, no one could get near the little spooked horse.

But suddenly their luck changed when a woman remembered her horse, Shady, and little Juliet were friends.

Renee Pardy said, "That's the nature of horses. They want to be in a group they're herd animals and so we had been chasing Juliet, the unicorn for so long that she was looking for a friend."

As soon as Pardy rode her horse, Shady toward Juliet, the big horse was her lucky charm. The little pony followed them into a trailer and it was the happy ending they all hoped for.

Boos said, "I was standing with the CHP at the time and a call came over the radio that said the unicorn is in custody, and there was a huge sigh of relief, a few tears, and some laughter. It was the comedic relief needed in the moment."

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