Two crooks steal thousands in tools from Lees Air in NW Fresno

Two men wanted in break-in at Lees Air

Fresno Police need your help to catch a couple of thieves who stolen thousands of dollars in tools from Lees Air in northwest Fresno.

Sunday afternoon about 12:30 two crooks driving a stolen truck cut the locks on the gates at Lees Air. When the two first pulled into the yard the security camera caught their faces.

Tyson Freeman is the general manager at Lees Air. "So they pried open the door in a couple of places, cut the locks off the back. These bars slide open and it unlocks the compartments on the sides."

Not all of their trucks lock the same way. That turned out to be no problem for the thieves. "We had some heavy duty locks keeping these back gates locked shut but they didn't break the lock they broke off the latch the lock was hanging on to."

They broke into seven trucks in about thirty minutes. They did spot the security cameras because they used hoodies and caps to hide their faces.

Fresno Police say they loaded up the truck with 15-thousand dollars in stolen tools. They also caused at least $5,000 damage to the trucks they broke into Sunday. "You're talking Milwaukee drills, screw drivers, hammers, very simple things. On our larger specialty items we do have tracking devices that we can find. Those larger specialty items are harder to sell."

Freeman says some tools are easy to replace while specialty items have to be ordered. Losing thousands in tools has impacted the company's repair team.

Lees Air wants the two to be caught and the company is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

If you know anything about the case you are encouraged to call Fresno Police detective Zeuner at 559-621-6509.

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