Tulare dairymen wins 'Land O Lakes' Farm Bowl in Minnesota

Farmer JJ Nunes, left, and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs hoist the trophy for winning the Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 in Minneapolis. (Bruce Kluckhohn/AP Images for Land O'Lakes)

The big game is just days away but the festivities are well underway in Minnesota.

'Land O Lakes' held its farm bowl Thursday night and it included two Tulare dairymen.

The competition matched up farmers with past and present football legends. Each pair competed in four primary events, including the Tractor Tire Change, Milk Pipe Puzzle, Drone Drop and Hay Bale Backup

JJ Nunes of Nunes and Sons Dairy and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs took on Dave Ribeiro of Rib Arrow Dairy and Former center, current farmer Jason Brown in the finale.

Diggs and Nunes edged out Ribeiro and Brown in the championship challenge, The Big Feed Run, to win the event.

"This was an awesome event and in the end, I'm happy to take home the Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl trophy," said Diggs. "I have to give JJ a lot of credit for knowing how to do each of the challenges, and I was able to use a bit of my speed in the final round to get the win. There were a lot of kids in the crowd that learned about farming and agriculture, and ultimately, that was today's goal."

"The Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl was certainly something out of my comfort zone, but Stefon and I made a good team and we prevailed," said Nunes. "It is important for us in the agriculture industry to teach youth about modern farming, and today's event certainly helped showcase some of what we do."

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