Truck hits Sanger home

Courtesy: Sanger Police Department

A Sanger man is now cleaning up after police say a drunk man drove into his home overnight.

"You can't tell what's what!" said Clinton Warner, as he walked through the home on Greenwood, near 14th street.

Warner says he was falling asleep in front of the TV early Saturday morning, when he was startled.

"All of a sudden, I heard this big crash. All this dust and sheet rock came into the front room. I thought the ceiling had collapsed," he says.

Warner walked through the home, and couldn't believe his eyes.

"As the dust clears, there's a pick up there," he said.

"One guy got out and tried to take off, the other kept trying to start the pickup to back out."

Sanger Police say 23-year-old Christopher Tellez had been drunk driving.

His passenger was arrested, too.

Warner says it's not the first time someone has hit the home -- or tried to bail.

Last time, a 16-year-old fell asleep behind the wheel.

"He kept coming and went right into the back room. Then he tried to back it up and filled up the whole house with dust. The wheels were just spinning," Warner says.

Warner says he has homeowner's insurance.

There's no point in getting mad.

"Things happen. I just take it as it comes," he says.

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